Ella’s Story

My Story

Ella M. House is a Christian, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, and a mom. In other words, “she’s no different than you”. Ella is also a survivor of domestic violence. She was abused for 8 years of an 11-year marriage. 

After finding the strength to leave her abusive marriage, Ella was escorted by law enforcement, to a shelter, where she stayed for several months. The Shelter helped to bring comfort, piece, and provided counseling. It was the first step to healing.  

After divorce, Ella went back to school and got her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resources. She continued to work as a Management Assistant with the Department of Defense. She soon transitioned to the information technology field, with the United States Joint Forces Command, Defense Information System Agency (DISA), (a combat support agency). Ella retired from the Federal Government after 32 years of service. 

In pursuit of her passion to help others, she joined John Maxwell (the author, coach and motivational speaker) University, to become a self-development coach and inspirational speaker. She is also the founder of both Today We Are One and All About Events, where she coordinates, decorates and provides party rentals services for every occasion.

She decided to break the silence and tell her story and spoke at a women conference. Shortly after, she was approached by several individuals, (mom’s and daughters) thanking her for sharing her story, and a few even confessed, that they too had been abused. It was then, that Ella decided her story would be more than a testimony, IT WOULD BE A MOVEMENT! 

Ella is the founder of Aaya Casa’, (means Her House) a 501c(3) non-profit organization for domestic violence. Aaya Casa’ is designed to inspire, challenge and equip individuals with the skills, techniques, options and a plan to rebuild their lives after domestic abuse. Ella’s goal is to help stop domestic abuse, encourage others to speak out, those in an abusive relationship, as well as those that has observed the abuse. She believes, we can all be a voice, for the voiceless! 

Ella said, although it wasn’t easy coming forward, she knew it was necessary. BECAUSE OF YOU…she won’t give up!